Board Level Repairs

The motherboard connects and controls all the components that make up your gadgets, a bit like a brain. The motherboard is designed specifically for each device and your tech will not run properly should it develop a fault. This kind of repair requires specialist knowledge and tools to repair, using a process called 'micro-soldering'. We're fortunate to have one of the best teams in the industry for this process and can perform repairs that other companies just can't. Our board level repairs all come with a 3 Month Warranty and 'No fix, No Fee!' guarantee.

3 Month Warranty

Our board level repairs all come with a 3 month warranty

No Fix, No Fee

We operate a 'NO FIX, NO FEE' policy so if we can’t fix the device or it is deemed beyond economical repair you have nothing to pay (excludes water damage repair).

Types of Board Repairs Undertaken

All Connectors:
Examples: digitizer, LCD, battery, camera, dock connector etc. These are the FPC connectors that are soldered to the board. They can quite often become damaged during repairs and can leave your device in a worse non-working condition.

Charging Port/Dock Connectors:
Soldered USB, Micro USB connector replacement
iPhone iPad Charging Ports

Pry Damage, Knocked Off/Missing Components:
Damage caused by DIY repairs, tools and technicians. Cost varies depending on the extent of damage and components that may need replacing.

No Backlight/No image Repairs:
Replacement of backlight fuse/filters and ICs.

Sim Card Reader Replacement:
If your sim card reader is damaged and you are getting “no service”. Involves desoldering and removing the old one and then re-soldering a new one onto the board.

Screw Damage:
Issues caused when using the wrong sized screw and damaging the layers of the board underneath.

Tristar (U2) IC Replacement:
Involves replacing the U2 IC chip on the board of Apple devices. This chip is responsible for the USB functions and when faulty you will have issues with charging your device, connecting to a computer drained battery etc.

NAND Issues:
Involves replacing or reprogramming the NAND chip to fix various issues. Including boot looping and iTunes Errors.

Other Chips:
Replacement of other IC chips such as Touch IC, Audio IC, etc

No Power:
If the basic things like new battery have been tried and the phone still isn’t turning on. Involves in-depth troubleshooting under a microscope: Clearing up any corrosion, re-flowing bad looking solder and replacing damaged/faulty components and chips.

Water Damage Data Recovery:
If there is too much damage to get the phone fully working and it becomes not economical to repair there is the option of just recovering the data. This involves getting the device to a point where it at least turns on and certain functions working so that then settings and data can be removed (ie irreplaceable photos). They will then be transferred to a USB Stick and returned to you along with the phone.

MacBook Logic Board Repairs:
Can fix various issues such as not turning on, not charging, backlight, no image, water damage etc.

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