Magic6 Lite FREE Gift Details

Purchase a new HONOR Magic 6 Lite mobile phone from a qualifying retailer between 17/01/2024 00:01 to 13/02/2024 23:59 (inclusive) and then submit an online claim
When claiming you will need to submit the following information:-
  1. The IMEI1 of the HONOR Magic 6 Lite mobile phone you have purchased,
  2. The date of your purchase,
  3. The retailer from where you made this purchase,
  4. Receipt/order number,
  5. Upload your proof of purchase,
  6. Full name,
  7. Delivery address,
  8. Email address, and
  9. Mobile phone number.
What is the Claim Window Period?
1.      You must wait (14) calendar days from the date of delivery of your HONOR 6 Lite mobile phone to submit your online claim.
2.      You must submit your claim between 01/02/2024 00:01 to 26/03/2024 23:59 (inclusive).
3.      Participants who return their HONOR Magic 6 Lite mobile phone within fourteen (14) calendar days of the date of delivery will not be eligible to receive the Promotional Item. The date of delivery counts as day one (1).