EZVIZ RE4 Plus Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

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Introducing the EZVIZ RE4 Plus, the perfect start to your automatic household cleaning. In addition to a multi-functional ability in vacuuming and mopping, it further simplifies home cleaning by enabling the hands-free experience of up to 3 months. Powered by LDS LiDAR and a self-developed navigation system, the RE4 Plus meticulously plans its cleaning route to be efficient and effective. It also adapts to ever-changing cleaning schedules accordingly, simply with a few taps on the EZVIZ App.

Quick Overview:

  • Automatic Dustbin Emptying from the Robot
  • Up to 90 Days Without Emptying the Dock’s Dust Bag
  • LDS LiDAR Navigation & Route Planning
  • Obstacle Avoidance
  • Drop-Sensing Technology
  • Carpet Detection
  • Suction Power Up to 4000 Pa
  • Self-Returning & Charging at the Charging Base
  • Remote App Control & Map Customisation
  • Smart Integration with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Clean often, empty rarely

Simply swap out the full 4L dustbag every 90 days, rather than emptying the robot’s dustbin manually after every cleaning mission.

Dual power for worry-free cleaning

Let the RE4 Plus take on the daily cleaning for you. It efficiently sweeps, vacuums, and mops your whole home to prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from building up. Enjoy your leisure time while this powerful robot vacuum removes stubborn stains from the floor.

Ultra-Strong Suction Power

Built to present spotless floors to homeowners, the RE4 effectively removes dust, pet dander, and hard-to-collect debris in a flash.

Consistent Mop Pressure

The robot boasts a 300ml clean water tank for thorough, whole-home cleaning. You can adjust the water level to match any type of floor or mess.

Automatically Boosted Suction

To pull dust and hair up from carpets, the RE4 Plus automatically increases its suction power after detecting a carpeted area.

All-in-One Dock

Charges clean and prepares the RE4 for the next cleaning mission. It also has Auto-Mop Washing, Auto Air-Drying, Anti-Tangle Technology, and Auto Water Tank Refilling.

Navigation and Mapping

Powered by D-ToF LiDAR, 3D Structured Laser, Embedded AI RGB Camera, Cable, Socks, Weight Scale, and Trash Cam. It also navigates your home easily with obstacle avoidance, fast mapping & route planning, customizable missions, invisible walls, no-go zones, move-to-here function, and auto-generate cleaning routes.

Large Runtime

Up to 300m² on a single charge, built-in 5,200 mAh battery, full charge in 3 hours (50W fast charging), and large water tanks for in-depth cleaning.

Smart Home Integration

Can be controlled remotely with the EZVIZ App, and third-party voice assistants, and even features additional convenience and care, such as human shape detection, pet shape detection, home area patrolling, live viewing, recorded video history, and AES-128 data encryption.

Product Dimensions:

  • Robot: 345 × 345 × 95 mm (13.58 × 13.58 × 3.74 inch)
  • Auto-empty Base: 220 × 180 × 380 mm (8.66 × 7.09 × 14.96 inch)

Packaging Dimensions:

  • 431 × 394 × 347 mm (16.97 × 15.51 × 13.66 inch)

Net Weight:

  • Robot: 3.09 kg (109.00 oz)
  • Auto-empty Base: 3.6 kg (126.99 oz)

Weight (With Package):

  • 8.84 kg (311.82 oz)