EZVIZ RS2 Robot Vacuum & Mop Combo

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Introducing the EZVIZ RS2, the perfect robotic cleaner for all types of floors, including carpets. Here are the amazing features of the RS2:

Quick Overview:

  • Automatic Mop Installation & Detachment
  • Automatic Mop Washing & Air-Drying
  • Auto Water Tank Refilling (For the Robot)
  • All-in-One Dock for Mop Changing, Self-Cleaning, Charging & Storage
  • Four Flexible Cleaning Modes
  • D-ToF Laser Navigation & Mapping
  • Advanced Obstacle Detection & Avoidance
  • Remote App Control & Map Customization
  • One-Click Dock Control via the Screen
  • Smart Integration with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
  • 3K Camera for Additional Pet Care & Home Protection
  • Strict Data & Privacy Protection

Smart Carpet Detection

Uses an on-device floor-type sensor to detect carpets in real time. When the RS2 has wet mop pads on, it moves away from the carpet area to focus on mopping hard floors.

Automatic Mop Detachment & Installation

Before starting to vacuum carpets, the RS2 will automatically return to the charging dock to detach the mop pads. This frees you from manually flipping over the device. And it’s done in just seconds.

Suction Boost Mode

Applied when the RS2 is on carpets, to remove hidden, stubborn dust, hair, and pet dander easily.

Multiple Cleaning Missions

Choose among four types of cleaning missions and the RS2 will do the job for you, effortlessly.

All-in-One Dock

Charges, cleans and prepares the RS2 for the next cleaning mission. It also has Auto-Mop Washing, Auto Air-Drying, Anti-Tangle Technology, and Auto Water Tank Refilling.

Navigation and Mapping

Powered by D-ToF LiDAR, 3D Structured Laser, Embedded AI RGB Camera, Cable, Socks, Weight Scale, and Trash Cam. It also navigates your home easily with obstacle avoidance, fast mapping & route planning, customizable missions, invisible walls, no-go zones, move-to-here function, and auto-generate cleaning routes.

Large Runtime

Up to 300m² on a single charge, built-in 5,200 mAh battery, full charge in 3 hours (50W fast charging), and large water tanks for in-depth cleaning.

Smart Home Integration

Can be controlled remotely with the EZVIZ App, and third-party voice assistants, and even features additional convenience and care, such as human shape detection, pet shape detection, home area patrolling, live viewing, recorded video history, and AES-128 data encryption.


Product Dimensions:

  • Robot: 365 × 365 × 103 mm (14.37 × 14.37 × 4.06 inch)
  • Station: 452 × 472 × 508 mm (17.80 × 18.58 × 20 inch)

Packaging Dimensions:

  • 540 × 560 × 582 mm (21.26 × 22.05 × 22.91 inch)

Net Weight:

  • Robot: 4.6 kg (162.26 oz)
  • Station: 10 kg (352.74 oz)

Weight (With Package):

  • 21.5 kg (758.39 oz)